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Thank you supporters 

A heartfelt thank you to all the supporters who have contributed to The Living Peace Wall through either financial support, moral support, or volunteering materials and/or services. You have all made the building and ongoing operation of The Living Peace Wall possible and, in effect, have contributed to making the world a more peaceful place by giving voice to the peacemakers. Your time, money and energy are deeply appreciated. Please let us know if you have been inadvertently omitted from the list below.

Randy Hill

Jerry Terhune & Sandy Smith

Richard Retecki      Navigation of city approval process, construction of concrete pedestal, moral support

           and much more

Steve Green       Pedestal design and construction

Eric German      Pedestal design and construction

John Demars      Hawkeye Design Design consultation, technical drawings

Dave Leff      Leff Construction Pedestal Design

Jamie Mecham       Leff Construction Engineering

Mark Level      Level Engineering       Foundation/Pedestal Engineering

Gary Galeazzi            Northbay Monuments Granite design, cutting, inscribing and installation

Louie Zamaroni        Wheeler Zamaroni Granite cutting and fabrication

Tony Damico             Wheeler Zamoroni Granite cutting and fabrication

Sarah Glade Gurney

Una Glass

Jim Pollare        Bronze Plus

Virginia Harrison     Bronze Plus

Matt  Hart  Bronze Plus

Chris Dec Graphic Design

Kenyon Webster

Mary Gourley

Larry Mclaughlin

Robert Jacob

Patrick Slayter

John Eder

Dominick Favuzzi

Amy Bush       Merge Studios

Larry Robinson

Beth Hartman

Mario Uribe

Joel Kemmerer

Mike Di Franco       DiFranco Fence

Jim and Suyin Stein

Gary Knowlton

Simon Lowings

Mary Killian

Douglas Clifton

Fred and Cathe Norman

Steve Kirk

Alex Rush

Nick Sanders      West County Cycling

Drake Sadler        Traditional Medicinals

Rob Schmidt        Many Rivers

Julie Finn

Lily Jean Adams

Mitchel Schneider

Susan Sarcone

Lily Jean Adams

Diane Rousseau

Jean Henessy

Melanie and Perry Karsen

Alice Waco

Louisa Streppa

Laura Lind

Dr. Richard and Kim Camp

James & NancyDempsey

Leslie Young

Doug & Barrett Jane -- Jackalope Records

Joe Funaro

Judith Day

Douglas Wheatley

Stephen Fowler

Terry Crane

James and Lorene Coconas

Sahedran Ann Shelbourne

Don Jackson        Don Jackson Photography

Debbie Morris / Condra Easley           Patisserie Anglelica

Robin Latham and family

Jim Distephano

Janet Powers Wolfe

Tom Meyuskens

Sebastopol Kiwanis Club

Mel Lefer

Richard and Ronda Shipps

James Passage

Marina Dawn Songster

Phyllis Meshulam

Paul Schwebel

Laura Shafger

Sonoma County Veterans for Peace

Chris Dec      Chris Dec Graphic Design

Nicole Lepoutre-Baldocchi

Paul Robbins

Judith Stone

Alice Waco

Richard Retecki

Jill Nussum

Rick Gratty

Sam & Evelyn Gillotti

Claudia Levin

Reid Maidenburg

Therese Mughannam

Jim Passage

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