Sebastopol Living Peace Wall

 Honoring those who have worked nonviolently for peace and justice 

                                                                                      PHOTO GALLERY

                                              2018 HONOREE INDUCTION CEREMONY,

                                                 SEPTEMBER 15, 2018


2018 Living Peace Wall Honorees:  (L to R)  Tui Wilschinsky, Dolores Huerta, Therese Mughannam, Daniel Ellsberg

                                       Invocation by Vivian Strand, helping center everyone in their inner peace

                                                          Tui Wilschinsky,  Daniel Ellsberg, Therese Mugannam

                      Rev. Judith Stone, Peace Wall Selection Committee Member, introducing Tui Wilschinsky

                                     Susan Lamont, 2017 Honoree with Therese Mughannam, 2018 Honoree

               Mayor Patrick Slayter, Councilwoman Una Glass, Daniel Ellsberg, Councilwoman Sarah Gurney

Alice Waco, Peace Wall Selection Committee Member, introduces Honoree Therese Mughannam

Jean Houser (center), George Houser's widow, with daughter Marty Ley.  At 100 years,  Jean is the oldest peace                  activist attending and by all accounts, was the brains behind George, a 2015 Honoree.

                                         Alicia Sanchez (2015 Honoree), Dolores Huerta, Alegria DeLaCruz and two friends

                         Paul Robbins, Peace Wall Selection Committee Member, introducing Daniel Ellsberg

                   Tui Wilschinsky, Michael Gillotti, Daniel Ellsberg, Therese Mughannam, Richard Retecki

                                                      Approximately 400 attended the ceremony, a new record

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Photos by David Burns


                 2017 HONOREE INDUCTION CEREMONY,

                                                    AUGUST 27, 2017


2017 Peace Wall Honorees:  (L to R)  Susan Lamont, Bob Frank (for Charles Liteky), Dee & Don Schilling, Holly Near

2017 Honoree Inscriptions, along with the two previous years

Susan Lamont accepting her award from Alice Waco

Holly Near, Bob Frank (for Charles Liteky), Dee & Don Schilling 

Holly Near introduced by  Paul Robbins

Charles Liteky with Congressional Medal of Honor

Charles Liteky (far right)  at anti Central American war protest

Holly Near closing the ceremony with a song

                                                                                                                                                                                  Photos by David Burns


2016 Honoree Induction Ceremony,
Oct. 2, 2016


                          2015 Inauguration/Induction Ceremony

                               October 11,2015


                                                         Michael Gillotti, leading Give Peace a Chance / Imagine

                                                                                    Invocation by Rev. Tara Steel 

                                                   Vice Mayor Sarah Gurney, Representing the City of Sebastopol

                       Jean Houser, wife & Martie Leys, daughter, accepting on behalf of  Honoree,George Houser

                                                                            Barry Latham-Ponneck, 2015 Honoree

                                                                                    Alicia Sanchez 2015 Honoree

                                                      Richard Retecki, representing Honoree Nelson Mandela

                                         Michael Gillotti with Tui Wilschinski, Leader of the Sufi blessing dance

                                 Bhavani & Tui leading the blessing of the wall dance and chant, "Spirit of Peace"

                                     Sonoma County Veterans for Peace, early supporters of the Living Peace Wall

                                                                 Richard Retecki & Michael Gillotti,  "We Did It"!

2015 Honorees, less Nelson Mandela: Martie Leys & Jean Houser accepting for George Houser, Michael Gillotti,

                                                                 Barry Latham-Ponneck, Alicia Sanchez

All Photos by Don Jackson Photography