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Personal Prayer for Peace

Please write your personal prayer for peace in the right hand panel. As you can see from the photos below and on the page "Making the Peace Wall", many of your prayers were placed in the concrete pedestal of the Living Peace Wall at the time the concrete was poured, thus forming a strong foundation for the cause of peace.  

It's too late to have yours embedded in the pedestal, but you can still send one your personal prayer or your hearts desire for peace and we will post them below on this page.  

  *If you don't want your full name used, just use your first name or initials.

Michael & Richard placing "Personal Prayers for Peace in the concrete pedestal.

More Personal Prayers for peace about to be embedded in the pedestal, thus

forming a metaphorical foundation for peace.

Personal Prayers or Wishes for Peace

* Wishing peace of heart and mind to all sentient beings.              N.S.

* I pray that one day society will no longer suffer from greed, corruption and fear. I pray that all nations will lay down their weapons and come together. I pray for 

peace in the middle east.              Angie

* May we live and grow in peace.        D. C.

* Peace before me. Peace behind me. Peace to my left. Peace to my right.

   Peace above me, peace below me. Peace in me, peace in my surroundings.

   Peace to all.               Deborah

May Peace overcome hatred & conflict across the globe.

I sincerely devote the rest of my file to doing all I can to make peace in my own life and the lives of all, and especially make peace with my beautiful mother earth. Always remember that peace begins with me.

Zilith Rogers             

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